Bedbug Poison – How to Get Them Out of Our Home Forever

One of the favorite places for bedbugs is in the bed, as they find a warm place in the bed and especially food to survive, because bedbug bites are annoying every time you lie down, causing you to get bedbugs.

Throwing away mattresses would be best, but it’s not the most effective option, since we always deal with bedbugs, the good news is that there are bedbug poisons, naturally or so-called household bedbug poisons, ending this root problem, having a healthy bed again and forgetting about bedbug bites.

How to tell if a mattress has bedbugs

Bedbugs are small insects of the Cimicidae family. They survive on the blood of humans while they sleep. Bed bugs are not a health hazard, but they can leave red bumps on your skin. These hives itch and can be very embarrassing. If you know how to examine your mattress for bedbugs, you can identify and get rid of them before they multiply and begin to bite.

Check the mattress for bedbugs. They are less than one-quarter inch long and are amber red in color. Also, they are rather round and look a bit like cockroaches.

Be sure to check around the seams of the mattress, as well as underneath it. Bedbugs can also hide in sommiers. They’re probably close to the shaded marks on your mattress. These include the sides of the mattress that may be against a wall or headboard.

Check the mattress for skin if you can’t find the bedbugs. Dead skin will be the same color as bedbugs. It’ll be dry and scaly. Look in the same places you looked for the bedbugs.

Look for blood stains that may have been left by the bed bugs if you can’t find the bed bugs or their skin. This is proof that they’re hidden inside your mattress. The blood spots will be small and dark red-brown in color. Search the same areas you searched in the past.

What are bedbugs?

Mites and bedbugs are insects or pests very similar to beetles and tend to feed on blood, whether animal or human, injecting anticoagulant substances and irritants, being very difficult to see with the naked eye, also bed bug bites are carriers of infections because they are infected with sick people when bitten, these parasites multiply in the intestine of the person and can be transmitted from one person to another.


Bedbugs Pictures

Bedbugs Pictures

Where do bed bugs live?

They live in:

cracks and crevices in walls.
floors, skirting boards, as well as in false ceilings.
in bed frames, their springs.
mattress hems and bedding.
luggage, backpacks and street clothes.
furniture, sofas and upholstered chairs.
lockers, curtains and blinds.
carpets and rugs.
picture frames, posters, wallpapers, books, boxes and others.
plugs, lamps, light switches.
ventilation grilles, door and window jambs.
telephone, computer and other household appliances.


Some insects, such as bat bugs, bird bugs, and hematophageal bugs, share physical attributes with bed bugs. Bat bedbugs have short, broad heads like bedbugs. The bodies of both are wide and flat, which enables them to crawl into narrow cracks. However, bat bugs inflate after eating, change in size and shape and only feed on bats. In addition, while bedbugs infest cracks, furniture and bedding inside homes, bat bugs inhabit the abandoned nests of bats, birds and other small mammals.

Because the Bedbugs show up

Why do bedbugs appear? Well, this is not a matter of hygiene, so if you thought that the arrival of talajes or bedbugs is closely related to poor hygiene or cleaning of your home, it is a mistake. This is often the answer given by pest control experts when they are asked questions.

In the case of these bugs in bed we can assure you that they do not enter your house because of the little or a lot of cleaning, the lack of hygiene does not suppose the origin of the infestation and can cause bedbug bites, we must take into account that:

It does not help the elimination of the pest, as we will be providing many shelters for the bed bugs.
Facilitate the reinfestation of bedbugs.
The main reasons for bedbug infestations are suitcases, or because you have brought new furniture home.

bedbug bite symptoms

One of the main symptoms that we have suffered a bedbug bite is the appearance of a small red spot on the skin, somewhat bulging and corresponding to the bite. We have to be careful with these types of bites and not let them pass because they can lead to skin discomfort and other health problems.

If we see that the stain has some lines in line it means that we have been bitten several times. In bedbug bites we will immediately notice an inflammation of the area and that it bites us, but it can also lead to other symptoms such as asthma, generalized urticaria and even suffer anaphylaxis that requires specialized and urgent treatment.

Home Bed Bug Poisons

How to eliminate bedbugs?


How do you get rid of bedbugs? Like killing bedbugs? Steam is one of the most known and effective home remedies to kill bed bugs because these bugs do not support high temperatures, so the steam is excellent for exterminating them, also helps to eliminate the eggs of bed bugs of these parasites preventing their expansion, as there are many bed bugs, and exterminate them with high temperatures of steam.
How do I get bedbugs out of my bed? One recommendation is to apply very hot steam (120°F or more / 48.8°C) to your mattress, clothes, sheets and curtains.


The Sun

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of bedbugs? Without a doubt the high temperatures make the bed bugs exterminate, so the sun will be your best ally, an excellent alternative to steam, so we recommend that you remove the mattress and expose them directly to the sun, over long periods of time, is a good way to eradicate bed bugs.

The Sun

Peppermint Oil

We mentioned earlier that mint is an excellent repellent for all types of pests, mint releases a strong odor that repels pests, insects, generating allergy. It’s a good way to get rid of bedbugs at home.
So the oil in mint or seeded in your garden will greatly help your home flood with these bedbugs.
If you don’t have peppermint oil use lavender oil as it has almost the same effect, make sure that no member of your family has an allergic reaction, mint oil is certainly one of the best known household bedbug poisons.

Peppermint Oil

Kion Powder

Curcuma to eliminate bedbugs! Known in other countries as Turmeric, for its high content of curcumin, How to eliminate bed bugs? you keep asking yourself how to do it, this Kion powder is without a doubt the best enemy for annoying bedbugs.
Turmeric has a high antimicrobial power, which affects the environment in the presence of these pests, we recommend you put this powder in your bed for elimination.
What makes kion effective is that it cuts off their oxygen, dying or migrating them to other places, which is undoubtedly an excellent homemade bedbug poison.

Kion Powder

Clove of Smell

The clove is a spice, plant that works as a poison for bedbugs, the clove has a very strong aroma, which repels all kinds of insects or bugs, so generate many use it in the garden to scare off the zompopos, but use it to eliminate the bugs.


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