Rat poison is perhaps the most effective method of exterminating these rodents or mice at home that cause us a lot of discomfort.

Rats carry many diseases that are easily transmitted to children and adults, so it is important to keep them away from your home. It should be noted that chemical poisons are harmful to health, so we always recommend using house rat poison, as well as having pest control.


How to eliminate rats? We will show you different alternatives and types of rat poison that you can find in any supermarket or hardware store or even some tips for making poisons for house rats, which you can make from the comfort of your home.
We don’t need the best rat poison to exterminate these rodents, we need an effective and very effective rat poison that is the least harmful to our pets and children.
Keep in mind that when placing mouse poisons, always do so in a location away from pets and children.


Rodenticides Bromelatin

This is a very powerful and very lethal poison, this rat poison acts on the nervous system of rats, causing their death.

Anticoagulant rodenticides

This rat poison is the most common and usually acts very quickly on these rodents, it will take a few days to kill the plague.

where to buy rat poison? We recommend Amazon, as it is a well respected store with several options for rat poison and even for rats that dry them.


This type of poison is the most recommended to help you. If you’re wondering how to kill mice? it is recommended to do it in a homemade way and the following as exterminating rats in a simple way.
To make this homemade rat poison you will need the following:
Sugar (200 gr)
Sodium Bicarbonate (1 Cup)
Flour (1 Cup)
The sugar will attract the rats’ attention, the flour will form a consistency to the rat trap, and the lethal ingredient (baking soda) you mix the ingredients and place it in a bowl in an area where the rats always stop or gather. The sugar will catch their attention and they’ll eat it and in a few days they’ll die. This product is a (rat bait) you can also kill rats with plaster.


rat poison

Another known home remedy to remove rats from your home is to mix boric acid with butter, which will attract the attention of the rats, while the acid will be in charge of killing them. Use the following:

boric acid 1/8 cup
Butter 250 grams
Mix both ingredients in a small bowl and then make small balls. Place them in areas where most of these rodents are found (walls, cracks, under your appliances), rats will mistake this for food and die. Remember to leave them in areas away from your pets and children. These ingredients will make an excellent homemade rat poison.

Boric acid is highly recommended as it kills rats or other animals, such as cockroaches, and is an excellent poison for cockroaches.

household rat poison

A great way to keep rats away is to create a scent that keeps these rodents out of your home. Keep in mind that what we’re about to tell you doesn’t work as a rat poison, but it’s a good way to scare them away. Use the following:

Garlic 1 clove
Olive Oil
1 horseradish

Mix them in a bottle with the oil and then let it stand for 3 days. Then add the mixture with the sprayer to a bottle and spray it in areas where rats are almost always found. You will keep them out of your home and if they try this remedy by chance, they will probably die.


Continuing with the different rat poisons listed above, we indicate that there are different scents that will help you repel rats and keep them away from your home. Here are some of the best things you can do at home.

Mint: Use mint oil and sprinkle it on areas where these rodents often pass by.

Dog or cat urine – Place a sandbox in places where rats frequent, as this smell will keep them away, you can also use ammonia.

Cayenne pepper: Completely displeases this strong and spicy smell to the rodents.

Cloves: Rats do not like this smell that emanates from cloves.

clove clove


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